2022 Ford Mustang Mach E vs Hyundai Ioniq 5

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Can't decide between the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Hyundai Ioniq 5? Both the Ioniq 5 and Mach-E are excellent and are on of the two best electric cars, with classy interiors and zero emissions. Let's look at the contrasts between these two crossover EV's in more detail.


Vehicle Mustang Mach E GT Performance edition Ioniq 5 Extended Range
Starting Price (USD) 67,995 47,145
Battery (kWh) 91 77.4
Range (miles) 260 270
Power (hp) 480 320
Torque (lb-ft) 634
0-60 mph (s)

Electric Architecture: The Ioniq 5 wins!

The Hyundai architecture is currently more advanced than Mach E's architecture because it has the ability to power appliances as well as charge other vehicles. The Mach E does not currently have this ability but it may in the near future. Until then, Hyundai outperforms Ford in this category.

Quick Quirk: Hyundai claims to be the first electric vehicle manufacturer to offer a two-way charging system. The electric charge from the vehicle's battery can also be used to power a home.

Ioniq's architecture offers 800V/350 KW DC fast charging, which beats Mach E’s standard charging rates. With this technology, the Ioniq can have 69 miles of range in 5 minutes, compared to 61 miles in 10 minutes with Ford's fastest capability.

Furthermore, Ioniq's highest charging capability allows it to charge from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes, compared to Mustang's 45 minutes for the same battery range.

Performance and Handling: The Mach E wins!

When comparing trims in the same price range, the Ioniq is unquestionably faster in straight line speeds. This would not have been the case if the Premium and California Route 1 models had been available, as they offered more power at the same price as Ioniq's top-tier Limited trims.

In terms of handling, the Mach E offers a far more thrilling driving experience than the Ioniq. The Mach E base trim will accelerate smoother and faster than the Ioniq on the track, while the Mach E GT trims will leave the Ioniq's most powerful Limited trim in the dust.

Despite its size, the Mach E manages to be surprisingly agile. The Mach E leaves the Ioniq trailing with its speedy acceleration of 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds and higher top speed (130 mph) compared to 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds and 115 mph top speed.

  • The steering feedback on the Mach E is superior, though the Ioniq isn't far behind.
  • The suspension on the Mach E is specifically tuned for comfort and performance.
  • The Mach E has a well-designed chassis that allows the car to slightly oversteer when pushed to the limit making it ideal for trackdays.

The Ioniq's suspension is geared towards comfort, as evidenced by the body roll. Furthermore, while both vehicles have adequate braking performance, the Mach E GT's Brembo brakes surpass most crossovers.

The driving experience in both vehicles is excellent, and you will never be bored driving either of them. However, if you’re looking for some excitement, the Mach E will never lull you to sleep.

Infotainment and Connectivity: It’s a tie!

  • The Mach E has a more modern-looking and larger 15.5-inch central touchscreen than the now-outdated 12.25-inch unit on the Ioniq 5. The Mach E has a portrait orientation, which allows for a large amount of screen space that is easy to navigate and responds to inputs better.
  • The Mach E gets a 10.2 inch driver’s display but the Ioniq 5 gets a 12.25 inch display. Although smaller, the Mach E’s screen has a higher quality display.
  • Both get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay but the Mach E comes standard with Wireless Connectivity for these features.

However, in terms of available USB ports, the Ioniq 5 takes the cake. The Mach E only provides two in the front, whereas the Ioniq 5 has two in the front (one with data transfer capability) as well as two in the rear.

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Cabin Space and Interior Decor: The Ioniq 5 wins!

Ioniq 5:

Headroom, Front/Rear
Legroom, Front/Rear
Cargo volume
5 39.1 / 37.5 Inches
41.7 / 39.4 Inches
27.2 / 59.3 Cubic Feet

Mustang Mach E:

Headroom, Front/Rear
Legroom, Front/Rear
Cargo volume
5 38.8 / 38.2 Inches
41.6 / 38.1 Inches
29.7 / 59.3 Cubic Feet with rear seats folded

The Ioniq offers far more space. It provides more headroom, legroom, and knee room. The Mach E has a bit more cargo room, but with the rear seats folded, they have the same cargo volume.

The Mach E has a more vibrant interior compared to the simplistic and minimalistic interior of the Ioniq. However, the build quality and the tactile feel of the materials are better in the Ioniq 5. It will ultimately come down to whether the buyer prefers the Ioniq 5's subdued but well-built decor or the Mach E's more artistic interior design.

The Ioniq comes with many practical features so that drivers can make the most out of the cabin. With its quirky bottle holders, door bins, and ample storage space both in and around the center console, this model trumps the Mach E in terms of storage, practicality as well as overall material quality.

Driver Aides and Safety Features: It’s a tie!

Both vehicles are offered with Driving Aides such as Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Auto Braking with Collision Mitigation, and Adaptive Cruise Control. These driver assistance features are not standard on the Mach E, as they are on the Ioniq 5. Buyers will have to shell out an extra $3,200 for the comfort technology pack, which includes all available ADAS features.

Both vehicles have level 2 autonomy, allowing for hands-free highway driving. However, the Mach E has problems activating the Bluecruise feature even on Ford’s preset highway zones. The Ioniq’s autonomous cruise control performs better and does not require designated zones to activate and work effectively.

The Ioniq 5 comes with 7 airbags while the Mach E comes with 8. However, it is too soon to judge these on the safety aspect since neither one of them has been crash-tested by the NHTSA. Having said that, the Mach E has received a “Good” rating by the IIHS and has been branded as one of the “Top Safety Picks 2021” by the organization. Nevertheless, Hyundais have had a reputation for scoring high in crash tests and the same could be expected from their flagship electric SUV.

Exterior: It’s a tie!

Both the Ioniq 5 and the Mach E are good-looking vehicles. The question is what kind of an impression you want your next vehicle to make.

The Mach E has Mustang design elements, a higher ground clearance, and an overall sporty look.

Folks who want their crossover to look like a buffed-up hatch with an 80s-inspired boxy design and retro styling should consider the Ioniq 5.

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