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Get instant vehicle estimate value

Enter your VIN or license plate number. Give us the specifics of your car so we can adjust its value. Enter your personal details afterward to receive a quick car estimate.

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Receive multiple offers from dealers

Select a local dealer to receive offers from them straight to your inbox.

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Ready to sell? You have it now! Compare offers and get the best offer for your car.

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Quick And Simple Process

At, we only inquire about factors that affect your car's worth, so you can receive a genuine cash offer from a dealer in a matter of minutes.

Complete Transparency

By listing your car on, quickly determine how your car's worth is impacted by elements like mileage, color, and options. More queries? will connect you to a dealer who will walk you through every step of the appraisal process in person.

Get Paid

You receive a check from a dealer when you accept an Offer. Contrarily, private party sales could result in you spending more time and money.

Keep Your Information Safe

Your name, address, and all other pieces of information are all protected by us. Every step of the way, the CarWeek team will work to improve your protection.

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