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Dealer SEO

Simply creating and implementing an SEO strategy does not guarantee success. In order to develop a truly effective and efficient SEO plan dealers must constantly monitor, maintain, and adjust their efforts to ensure optimal performance.

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Dealership Websites

Dealership Websites

The most integral part of any car dealer’s online marketing campaign is, without questions, their website. Dealership websites serve as the central hub from which all other SEO elements are linked.

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Keyword PPC

When Keyword PPC is properly utilized it will increase online visibility and ensure your company’s presence on the first page of search results. By analyzing which keywords garner the highest amount of traffic for the lowest price your company can further enhance its marketing scheme. Additionally, individuals directed to your website via PPC are more likely to lend your company their business, as their search has indicated they are interested in your product.

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Dealership Websites

Car Dealer Social Media

The first rule of PR is to take control of the message, which in today’s digital world means joining conversations on social media. Current and prospective customer reviews can easily make or break a business, especially in the auto industry. Without properly monitoring your dealership’s online reputation it is impossible to mediate conversation and minimize the impact of negative reviews. Even if dealers are not on social media their customers are, and failing to respond to negative feedback can result in a substantial loss of business.

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Dealership Analytics

With CarWeek™ websites and our Dealer Analytics, your dealership will always be aware of exact website activity and marketing efforts ROI. We schedule weekly and monthly automated email summary deliveries to your dashboard report, so you have your precise, simplified reports and easy to read data. Our Analytic reports DO NOT look like a cell phone bill!

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Car Dealer Advertising

Car dealership advertising no longer revolves around print or television, today advertising efforts for car dealers are primarily focused online. As online advertising popularity grows so too does the need for effective and efficient marketing consultants. SEO, PPC, and social media advertising are essential elements of car dealership advertising, and all are extremely varied and complex.

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